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We were dreaming of a technology able to connect people globally, to organize and change things together. Now we're building it.

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What can Flythegap do for you?

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Launch a call to action and let others gather around what you think matters. Connect with like-minded people and join an open brainstorming with a shared vision.



Collective interactions inspire. Share ideas, contribute to other's and pledge your next step. Perfect solutions stand on collaborative efforts around one common cause.



Connect globally to act locally. An empowered brainstorming leads to generate projects. Crowdsource the needs and make them happen!

What's going on?

We're collaborating with people and organizations that already decided to rethink their approaches to innovation. Check what they're bringing on!

RSA International pilot event: Inspiring the Power to Create in Education

Release the power to create

Can we combine extraordinary stories, ideas and technology to generate a single wave of action across the world?
Can we harness the expertise, vision and networks...

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Ebbf Conference 2014: How to Create a Just Workplace?

EBBF subtitle

Over many years Ebbf's "make it meaningful" events have allowed participants to exchange ideas and examples of how to build a just, prosperous, and sustainable civilization...

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Our team is currently spread all over the globe, to further develop our platform.
You can read the latest updates from the links below:

#TuPuedes - Proyecto Chile. Una conversación sobre innovación y emprendimiento

Oct 29, 2014

El miércoles 5 de Noviembre emprendedores, estudiantes e innovadores podrán participar al primer evento completamente...

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Flythegap moves to Santiago: it's Start-up Chile time

Sept 8, 2014

Tomorrow, on September 9th, it will be exactly one month since part of our team moved to Santiago to take part in what...

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People changing the world by writing on napkins

June 20, 2014

Saturday June 14th Flythegap, Interaction Design Foundation Milan and Early Morning organised a co-design workshop that...

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In risposta a KEIN PFUSCH, BITTE!

June 5, 2014

Circa una settimana fa sul KEIN PFUSCH, BITTE! sono stati pubblicati due post molto interessanti: il primo su come...

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