Privacy Policy

This Website gathers some personal data about its Users.

Data Controller:
Flythegap Ltd
24 North John Street, L2 9RP, Liverpool, UK
Company No. 09137626

Kind of Personal Data gathered

Some Personal Data are gathered - directly or through third parties - as a consequence of your use of the Website, e.g, your IP address, your email address, username, cookies and user data. The list of Personal Data gathered may be supplemented or amended in other parts of this document or through notices displayed at the moment such Personal Data are gathered.

Data collection may occur through direct input by the User or automatically through the simple use of the Website itself.

The use - if any - of Cookies or other tracking mechanisms by this Website or by third parties providing services to this Website, is - unless otherwise explicitly declared - aimed at identifying the User and recording his/her preferences strictly for the purpose of providing Services required by the User.

Failure in providing some Personal Data may prevent the Website from providing some or all the Services requested by the User.

The User takes full responsibility with reference to Personal Data of third parties which he/she may provide to the Website and which may be published or shared. In providing such Personal Data the User expressly declares and guarantees he has the right to disclose them and/or to spread them, undertaking to hold the Data Processor harmless from any liability towards third parties.

Data Processing and place thereof

The Data Controller processes the Personal Data of the Website Users adopting all the suitable security measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access, communication, amendment or destruction of the Personal Data.

Access to Personal Data may be granted to Data Processors, who may be employees involved in the Data Processing or external service providers such as postal services, hosting providers, PR agencies, IT service providers. An updated list of said service providers is available through request to the Data Controller.

Personal Data are processed at the registered address of the Data Controller, unless otherwise specified elsewhere.

Time of the Processing

Personal Data are processed for the time necessary to provide the services requested by the User or necessary for the purposes set forth in this document. The User can request his/her Personal Data to be erased or the relevant processing to be stopped at any time.

Purposes of Data processing

Personal Data as described above are collected in order to provide the services of the Website, for User Registration and Authentication and for statistics purposes.

Judicial defense

Personal Data may be used by the Data Controller in litigation for his defenses, even in pre-trial phase, in order to protect his interests or to prevent any abusive use of Personal Data and of the Services of the Website.


This website and some third party services may gather System Logs in order to provide maintenance and service continuity. Such System Logs may record some Personal Data such as the Users' IP Addresses.

Further information

Any further information pertaining to data processing may be requested to the Data Controller through the contact details as provided.

User Rights

Users have the right to request anytime and receive from the Data Controller a confirmation of the existence - if any - of relevant Personal Data kept by the Data Controller. They also have the right to be informed about their content and origin, to verify whether they are correct or to request any update, deletion, amendment, correction, anonymization or block of the same processed in infringement of legal provision. Any request to that effect is to be addressed to the Data Controller.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

The Data Controller reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy from time to time. Users shall be so informed through publication on this web page. Users are therefore invited to frequently check this web page, taking as reference the "last updated on" date: Should the amendemnts not be acceptable to the User, he/she is required to terminate immediately any use of the Website itself and is entitled to request immediate deletion of his/her Personal Data to the Data Controller. Unless otherwise stated, the previous version of the Privacy Policy shall be applicable to the Personal Data gathered uo to the publishing of the new Privacy Policy.

The Data Controller is responsible for this Privacy Policy, which is stored on his server.

Definitions and legal information

Personal Data (or Data)

Personal Data are all informations pertaining to an individual, which is identified or identifiable even indirectly through any other information inclding a PIN.

Usage Data

The Personal Data automatically collected by the Website (ar any third party service used by the Website), including IP addresses, domain names linked to the equipment used by Users, URIs, timestamps of requests, means and protocols of request, size of response data, server error codes, country of origin, browser and operating system details, statistic data about use (e.g., for how long a User has visited a web page), details on usage path within the Website (e.g., sequence of web pages visited).


Any individual using this Website, which is also the Data Subject or any duly authorized proxy of the Data Subject.

Data Subject

The individual whose Personal Data are processed.

Data Processor

The individual or company or Public Administration or any other entity appointed by the Data Controller as set forth by this Privacy Policy.

Data Controller (or Controller)

The Individual or Company or Public Administration or any other entity who, even in coooperation with other Controllers, makes any decision with reference to the goals, means and procedures of the Data Processing, including security measures, with reference to this Website. The Data Controller, unless otherwise stated, is also the owner of the Website.


The complex of hardware and software systems through which Personal Data are collected.


Small portion of data stored in Users' device(s).

Legal notice

This privacy policy is drafted in compliance with the rules set forth by Art. 10 of the EU Directive 94/46/CE as enacted in Italy and by the current version of the EU Directive 2002/58/CE.